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Oh that’s cool so I can crack the sides as well.

That’s great.

And I saw a beast coming out of the sea,
The beast I saw resembled a iPhone, but had no buttons and a screen like that of a mirror. The whole world was filled with wonder and bought the beast. People worshiped the iPhone because it had given authority to the weak minded, and they asked, “Who is like the iPhone? Who can wage war against it?

(Source: wewantbalance)


Roses, which appear perfectly black to the naked eye, exist in nature. They grow only in small quantities and only in the tiny village of Halfeti, Turkey.

Although they appear perfectly black, they’re actually a very deep crimson color. Thanks to the unique soil conditions of the region, and the pH levels of the groundwater (that seeps in from the river Euphrates), the roses take on a devilish hue. They bloom dark red during the spring and fade to black during the summer months. (Source)

*starts singing ‘black roses’ by trey songz* lol

(Source: sci-universe)

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